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Our friends

  • “It’s an honor to have my bags on Sheriff Javier’s Bike from GA. February 2013 VTX of the Month – VTXCAFE”

    – Sheriff Javier

  • “Do you know eyekandiekustoms from NC? Our friend Mike did a marvelous job on the cut for the Cobra backrest! Thanks Jame¬†ūüôā ”


  • “From a very nice couple in TN, thank to Phoebe and Gene for another stunning Orange X”

    – Phoebe and Gene Neal

  • “Chris thanks for another Gray Beauty¬†:)”


  • “Thank you for believing us Ronald!”


  • “Not a good pic to show, but there is a great story about these bags, about the friend who believe in us and give us the second chance, thanks Pijus!”


  • “From a great couple in IL. Thanks to Pam and Paul!”

    –¬†Pam & Paul

  • “Screaming beauty, from¬†Goheen-Garage April 2012 VTX of the Month – VTXCAFE¬†‚ÄĒ with¬†Jeremy Goheen”

    –¬†Jeremy Goheen

  • “The first Airbrush bags from Steve, Utah. Also THE BIKE OF THE MONTH MAY OF VTXCAFE¬†‚ÄĒ with¬†Steve Patterson”

    –¬†Steve Patterson

  • “Another X from Texas, thank to Gregory Adams

    –¬†Gregory Adams

  • “A beautiful drop set Black on Black, thanks to¬†Robert Dominguez¬†and JC from Meancycles from FL”

    –¬†Robert Dominguez

  • “I’m speechless, Thanks Kristopher Dunlap

    –¬†Kristopher Dunlap

  • “From Mary Land, A very nice color bike of¬†Greg Martin”

    –¬†Greg Martin

  • “From Lawrence AKA Tomkat100 in VTXCAFE”


  • “Jaejon10 customer of Meancycles from Lousiana”


  • “Wicked paint job¬†ūüôā¬†Thank to Foxychick Johnston”

    –¬†Foxychick Johnston

  • “Another beautiful two tones X. Thanks to¬†Julie AndKellie Hoy”

    –¬†Juli AndKellie Hoy

  • “From Tennessee¬†ūüôā ”

    –¬†Eric Foiles

  • “Another black beauty from our friend Kevin”


  • ”¬†Ready to be painted, thank to Scott Fink”

    –¬†Scott Fink

  • “From Kansas, thank to¬†Richard Barker”

    –¬†Richard Barker

  • ”¬†Thank you¬†Kevin Leopard¬†from SC. ” –¬†Kevin Leopard

  • “Hallelujah! Thanks to¬†Don Coleman”

    – Don Coleman

  • “From Texas, a trophy for my friend Matt”


  • “Couldn’t help to steal this pic from Rick Ward¬†:)aka Doc Rick -July 2013 VTX of the Month VTXCAFE”

    –¬†Rick Ward

  • ”¬†Thank you Matt Smith for making such a beautiful color”

    –¬†Matt Smith

  • ”¬†Another great version from GM Martin ”

    –¬†GM Martin

  • “Fury Bagger from our friend Hisham Abdel Rehim in Cairo Egypt”

    –¬†Hisham Abdel Rehim



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